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Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic | ProHealthshine.Com

 Benefits of Garlic:  Garlic is not only known as a spice or herb, it has widespread use throughout the world. From ancient times it has many names such as sukandak, nectar, garlic and many more. Garlic as food: There is no pairing for making appetizing foods. These include Vitamins A, B, C and D. Apart from potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine. It is extremely powerful disinfectants - acrolein, crotoline, crotonic, aldehyde, allyl sulfide and volatile terpenes. In the past, prominent scientists used Hippocrates as medicine. The medical scientist added that garlic is the first place to cure diseases in our herbs.

A few years ago, the California Symposium with garlic lovers came out of a lot of fame. Garlic has the power to destroy all types of organisms.

Garlic use: When a garlic is kept in the bag, the house is germ free. During the last World War, British doctors applied garlic both externally and internally to treat wounded soldiers.

Garlic helps in digestion of various types, digestion of food. According to Ayurveda, garlic is a force, a talent, a memory and an aura. The holder and carrier of masculine instincts, the protector of the equality of the young woman's limbs for women. Garlic prevents unhealthy erosion, prevents daily erosion, increases strength.

If garlic juice is regularly applied on the head, hair is not ripe. Prevent other disorders including pulmonary dysfunction. Heat massage with mustard oil in garlic extract, glands swelling, sciatica, nervous pain, paralysis, arthritis, you will be relieved.

Benefits of Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic | ProHealthshine.Com
Benefits of Garlic

  • Asthma

It is difficult to breathe. Allium sativa secretes fluid from the lungs into the lungs and expels it to oxygen.
Tuberculosis: bronchial fever, cough, chest pain, increase in cold, blood cough, loss of body, decrease in temperature, increase in weather change, open air, afternoon, night, morning, insomnia.
Body Loss: - Those who are not deficient in eating, but their body is well-fed, their health improves.

  • Protecting Youth

Regular use of Allium sativa enhances and maintains the sexual potency of women and men.
High Blood Pressure: Works to control high blood pressure.
Intellectual Deficiency: An increase in students who have memory loss. Not only the enhancement of memory, but also the overall improvement of body and mind.
Worm: 3 drops Allium sauce consumed while lying in bed, the round worm worms come out.

  • Abdominal Cramps

Those who have a slight stomach upset, empty, indigestible, irritated.
Arthritis - Pain: Light pain, sciatica nervous pain, bronchitis, paralysis pain, paralysis pain, the use of force is cured.

  • Increase in Fat

Many of the results of garlic homeopathy did not appear in the increase in fat, more tests are needed (it can take mushrooms and soaputin).
Gynecology: Garlic is beneficial to women. Ayurveda preserves the equality of life for women. When menstruation ceases, it re-flows into use. Breastfeeding has good results.

  • Urinary Incontinence

Allium SAT works best if the urine stops for some reason.
Wounds: All kinds of abscesses, poisoning, sore throat, diphtheria, traumatic wound, sore throat, lung lesion, allium sativa.

In addition to this, it is used in the presence of the vocal cords, tingling in the ears, blindness, nocturnal, hysteria, eye diseases, osteoarthritis, chronic fever, fever, body rash, psoriasis, weakness and tremor, body tremor. The body is hot in winter with the use of Allium sativa. Eliminates body fatigue. A good homeopathic physician can determine its proper use, diagnosis, dose, strength.