Causes, Types and Symptoms of Blood Cancer | ProHealthshine.Com

Types, Symptoms and Causes of Blood Cancer

Causes, Types and Symptoms of Blood Cancer | ProHealthshine.Com
Blood Cancer

Causes of Blood Cancer

Factors that increase the risk of blood cancer are genetic, environmental and occupational factors.
  • Radioactivity: Explosion.
  • Chemicals: Chemicals used in benzene, petrol and plastic factories.
  • Genetic Disease Order: Anemia, Down Syndrome. Basanad causes cancer due to abnormal growth of blood cells due to excessive oncogene or inability of the tumor suppressor gene.

Types of Blood Cancer

  • Leukemia (blood cancer caused by white blood cells).
  • Lymphoma: (a type of blood cancer caused by the lymph gland).
  • Myeloma and plasma cell leukemia: (blood cancer caused by plasma cells).

Symptoms of Blood Cancer

If blood cells are not produced properly, anemia, hemorrhage, and immune system decline can lead to death.

Symptoms of Anemias Blood Cancer

  • Such as exhaustion and weakness, shortness of breath, chest palpitations etc.
  • The tendency for infection in the body increases. As a result, there may be continuous fever.
  • Bleeding problems such as nose, toothache, bleeding to the eyes and skin and excessive bleeding during menstruation can occur.
  • Pain in body or bone, pain in joint.

Ways to Prevent Blood Cancer

In patients who are given chemotherapy and radiotherapy together, the incidence of colon cancer increases approximately 20 times.
  • Radioactivity should be avoided.
  • Chemical products must be avoided.
  • Special care must be taken when performing X-ray and Nuclear work.
  • Smoking and tobacco should be avoided.

Blood Cancer Risk

In our country, every year, 4 to 5 people suffer from cancer. According to that estimate, 6-7 thousand people are infected every year in the 15 million people.

Risk Factors

  • Use of excessive chemicals for agricultural purposes.
  • Do not take security measures at the factory.
  • Environmental pollution.