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During Pregnancy some Common Health Problems

Common Health Problems During Pregnancy | Prohealthshine
Pregnant Women

During Pregnancy some Health Problems

During Pregnancy, a girl's body and mind changes naturally. Almost every girl has some physical problems During Pregnancy, so require some extra care to be it's easily cured. So let's know the problems and it's some solutions.

  • In the Morning

After leaving the bed in the morning, severe nausea, vomiting, dizziness - the symptom is called morning sickness. It is high during the first baby and appears in the first and second months, usually after 3 months. 25% of women may not have this problem at all. This is due to the increase in certain hormone levels in the blood during pregnancy.

      Ways to protect against morning sickness

  1. In the morning, eat a few dry foods, such as toast biscuits and sour foods, without eating too much at once.
  2. Avoid oily foods, Avoid food vomiting when eating or watching food.You can use the medicine at the doctor's advice.
  3. If there is excess vomiting or dehydration, you must seek shelter.

  • The Feet Come in Water

It is normal for the feet to accumulate a little water during pregnancy. There is nothing to panic or seek treatment for.

  1. Do not sit for long legs, bend down or give tool.
  2. Avoid excess salt in foods.
  3. can give the pillow under the feet while resting or sleeping.
  4. If the foot becomes too swollen, if the vision becomes blurred, headache or blood pressure rises, then seek immediate medical attention.
Common Health Problems During Pregnancy | Prohealthshine
Women During Pregnancy

  • Waist Pain

50% of girls suffer from waist pain. It is responsible for weight gain and osteoporosis. However, wearing high heeled shoes, urinary infections or constipation can also be the cause. If you lift your legs and rest, you will find some comfort. If you sleep in the right posture, use a hard bed, massage your waist or if you have more pain, you can take medicines as advised.

  • Frequent Urination

At 8 to 12 weeks this irritating problem occurs. This happens because of the size of the uterus, which causes pressure on the bladder. After 12 weeks, the baby's head starts to come down at the end and after reapplying with a bladder, he reappears. If there is no irritation or urine pain in the urine, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Stomach Upset

Occasionally, the stomach becomes tight for muscle contraction. There is usually no pain and it goes away after a while. But if there is pain and the severity increases, consult your doctor. Treat with constipation or urine infection.