Allergies: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | ProHealthshine.Com

Causes of Allergies and How to Prevent it

Allergies: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment | ProHealthshine.Com

 Allergies Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

  • What is Allergies:

The human body has an immune system. Allergies are exposed when there is a trouble in this immune system for some reason. Sometimes our body tries to prevent some objects that is not harmful. And the body's unusual reaction to non-harmful substances are allergies. Allergic reactions can range from severe reactions to food or medicationIn some cases, allergies cause some problems and in some cases make life difficult.

  • Causes of Allergies:

Many of us have no idea about allergies. There may be allergies for various reasons. For example:- 
(1) Causes of many skin diseases such as shortness of breath, eczema, etc.
(2) Freezing of the dust in house, one of the causes of asthmatic allergies. Dust in the house contains mites, most often allergic to it.
(3) There are many possible allergies to the foods. For children, cow's milk may cause itching, asthma, etc. Also fish, nuts, bananas, apples, grapes, mushrooms, wheat, eggs, watermelon, onions, garlic, chocolate and even cold drinks can cause allergy to some people.
(4) Contaminated air, flower pollen, insect bites, drugs, smoke, animal products, etc. can cause allergic reactions in the body.

  • Symptoms of Allergies:

A variety of symptoms can be seen due to allergies. For example:-
Frequent sneezing, cold sore,throat and tongue is dry, fever, closing the nose, itching of eyes, eyes redness etc. Allergies cause problems such as diarrhea occur in the stomachExcessive heat may cause breathing problems due to allergies. If there is an allergy to any food, a variety of reactions can begin within two hours.

  • Treatment of Allergies:

If the cause of the allergy is detected precisely, then it can be easily treated. According to the doctor's advice, applying the medicine often possible eliminate allergies. Avoid the allergic things and get rid of allergies by taking the vaccine with the medicine. The only treatment for allergic patients is to stay healthy for a long time. Many people think allergies are not possible to cure, but if diagnosed early, it would be possible to cure allergies altogether. If treatment is neglected and the disease is prolonged, it can be difficult to cure.